Correspondence Courses

The North Main Church of Christ offers free correspondence courses to interested individuals. Each lesson has questions that can be answered and returned for grading. If you would like to enroll, our mailing address is:

North Main Church of Christ
1460 North Main
Vidor, TX 77662

Telephone: (409)769-3497
Or you may E-mail us at:

Bible Correspondence Course by John Hurt

This bible correspondence course offers eight lessons that gives an overview of the Bible, acceptable worship, and what one must do to be a Christian. This is a excellent starting place for those who are just beginning to investigate the Bible.

The lessons include:

Lesson 1: The Old Testament
Lesson 2: The New Testament
Lesson 3: Rightly Dividing the Word
Lesson 4: Faith and Works
Lesson 5: Becoming A Christian
Lesson 6: Acceptable Worship
Lesson 7: The New Testament Church
Lesson 8: You Can Be Just A Christian

Know Your Bible by Gene Tope

The second series of correspondence courses that we offer is a six lesson set emphasizing the New Testament Church and what one must do to be saved.

The lessons include:

Lesson 1: Understanding The Bible
Lesson 2: Sin And The Blood Of Christ
Lesson 3: What Must I Do To Be Saved?
Lesson 4: The New Testament Church
Lesson 5: Denominationalism
Lesson 6: Baptism

General Bible Knowledge by John Hurt

This 12 lesson correspondence course teaches Bible History, Geography, and People. These lessons help build a good foundation of the Bible and events that are important to Bible students.

The lessons include:

Lesson 1: Famous Men Of The Bible
Lesson 2: Famous Women Of The Bible
Lesson 3: Bible Objects
Lesson 4: Bible Lands And Places
Lesson 5: Old Testament History
Lesson 6: Mid Term Examination
Lesson 7: New Testament History
Lesson 8: Bible Plants And Animals
Lesson 9: Well Known Scriptures
Lesson 10: Books And Their Authors
Lesson 11: General Bible Knowledge
Lesson 12: Final Examination